Royal Mail Services & Prices Guide for eBay Sellers

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From 21st August 2006 Royal Mail changed the way post is priced. The new rates shown below now take into account size as well as weight and introduces three categories for letter post: Letter, Large Letter and Packet.

Make sure you measure the size dimensions of your items with packaging, before calculating the postage cost.
  1. Letter
  2. Maximum size: 240mm length x 165mm wide x 5mm thick - Maximum weight: 100g
  3. Large Letter
  4. Maximum size: 353mm long x 250mm wide x 25mm thick - Maximum weight: 750g
  5. Packet
  6. For items exceeding: 353mm long x 250mm wide x 25mm thick - And weights above 750g
Letter Post Rates

The first price shown below is for First Class mail and the second price shown is for Second Class mail. Second Class takes 3 days for delivery. Both services provide up to £36 of compensation *  inclusive for loss or damage, providing you obtain a Certificate of Posting, which is available free from the Post Office and should be requested at the time of posting the item. Remember to keep your Certificate of Posting in a safe place as you will need it to support any claims.
  1. Letter 100g £0.36 £0.27
  2. Large Letter 100g £0.52 £0.42
  3. Large Letter 250g £0.78 £0.66
  4. Large Letter 500g £1.08 £0.90
  5. Large Letter 750g £1.57 £1.31
  6. Packet 100g £1.14 £0.95
  7. Packet 250g £1.45 £1.24
  8. Packet 500g £1.94 £1.63
  9. Packet 750g £2.51 £2.08
  10. Packet 1kg £3.08 £2.49
  11. Packet 1.25kg £4.30 N/A
  12. Packet 1.5kg £5.00 N/A
  13. Packet 1.75kg £5.70 N/A
  14. Packet 2kg £6.40 N/A
  15. Packet 4kg £8.22 N/A
  16. Each additional 2kg sent first class is £2.80
Standard Parcel Service Rates

This service is for heavier or bulkier items and delivery takes 3-4 days. The prices below include compensation * cover up to £36 for loss or damage. Extra cover up to £500 is available at additional cost.
  1. Standard Parcels 2kg £4.20
  2. Standard Parcels 4kg £6.85
  3. Standard Parcels 6kg £9.30
  4. Standard Parcels 8kg £11.40
  5. Standard Parcels 10kg £12.24
  6. Standard Parcels 20kg £14.26
Extra compensation cover for Standard Parcels:
  1. £100 cover costs £1.00
  2. £250 cover costs £2.50
  3. £500 cover costs £3.50
* Compensation cover is limited to the actual cost value on tangible goods only, and does not include postage cost.  Royal Mail now provides a minimum compensation on goods which are worth less than £36, in the form of a pack of 12 first class stamps.

Example Weights and Rates for eBay Sellers

These prices are based on first class postage, the weights include packaging and have been rounded up. The prices shown are for actual postage cost only and do not include packaging costs.
  1. Single DVD in case 150g (large letter) 78p
  2. Mobile phone, charger & user guide 500g (packet) £1.94
  3. Digital camera, 4 batteries & lead 500g (packet) £1.94
  4. Pair of trousers 750g (packet) £2.51
This guide is maintained by and is regularly updated to reflect any changes announced by Royal Mail.
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