Royal Mail price Change

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Well it a couple of days now until Royal Mail change there price policy and i feel Ebayers will be hit hard.

As im sure you know at the minute you pay purely on weight of your item well as from 21/08/2006 you will have to pay for the weight but also the size.

One of the obvious things that will change is the cost of postingDVD's and CD.s, at the minute you can send a DVD for about £1.25 to anywhere in the country.

This low postage charge attracts people to bid more for your item but when you have to charge £3 and £4 to post a DVD that you can get for about £12 in most shops i fear a lot of items will either not sell or sell for a few quid.

It seems that Royal Mail have finally realised the potential profit that can be made from the thousands of ebay postings made and are cashing in.

The answer well there is a few

The obvious one is to arrange collection or

Check out other couriers some offer good rates if you dont mind waiting a week or so for delivery.

However when you are sellling a low value item neither of these are practical or viable, Ultimately EBAY AND Ebayers will ultimately suffer.

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