Royal Mail smart stamp and on line stamps

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Been a Ebay seller it was always something that I sought to make a good and fair estimation with regards postage charges. Indeed if I found I have overcharged I would put something extra in a parcel to offset this mistake.

Royal Mail since the introduction of size related charging, this I consider only to have been introduced because of Ebay sellers sending millions of items per week, hence create extra revenue for Royal Mail. But where will this leave the ebay seller in trying to charge correct postage?

Firstly if you are a Ebay buyer, don't get mad if you buy something and get charged £2.00 for postage and you see when the item is delivered a £1.80 stamp, remember packaging cost money as well.

But can using services like Smartstamp and Ebay/paypal royal mail stamps be any better?

I would say no!


  • 1. If you make any mistake in charging the correct size your customer will have to pay minimum £1.00 surcharge. Not good for business eh!
  • 2. With Smartstamp you pay extra for this service and pay for all labels required. Your costs will increase.

So I have given my reasons why I consider these so called  time savers a waste of time and your money.

But I would ask you also to consider something more important, this is especially of concern when things go wrong.

Royal Mail will not look at any claim not supported by a certificate of posting. 

Unless you are like queueing any time saving is lost and it cost you in extra labels and administration time.

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