Royal Wedding 20111 Programme - electronic version free

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Don't get scammed by "Official Programmes" being offered on eBay

There have been a number of sellers trying to make money out of the Royal Wedding Programmes which were sold in central London on the 29th April 2011 around the procession route. Be careful about who you buy from and what you buy. 

The electronic version can be downloaded for free!

The Official Programme is available electronically for free. You can download it from here: So ignore the eBay listings which purport to list 

People who purport to have thousands of copies available are probably trying to print their own money

If you want to buy an 'official' copy, remember that 150,000 official copies were produced costing £2 each at the point of sale. On the 29th April, more than 1 million people visited the procession route so consider that many, if not all of the stands would have sold out. I was in St. James' Park at 6pm trying to snap up some remaining copies from a stand there. There were about 300 copies left which would have sold out within the hour given how many people were stopping by to buy a copy. So be careful of any sellers who claim they have thousands of copies of the Programme left to sell. It's likely the've just printed the Official Programme out into a booklet and are selling copies of those instead. 

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