Rubber Latex Care Instructions

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If you've just purchased or thinking of purchased one of our rubber latex items, there a few things you should be aware of.

Firstly, the items you buy may not always look as shiny as the image used. This isn't becasue it's a different item of clothing. To obtain the familar "shiny" look that is often associated with latex you should polish your garment with a cloth (preferably lint free) or chamois leather. Many people use liquid silicone or a silicone spray to condition the rubber and keep it looking shiny.

Regularly polishing keeps your garments conditioned, supple and ready to wear. Properly cared for as above, your rubber clothing should maintain its shape, quality, and allure for years.

Putting rubber garment on can sometime be a difficult affair. Make it easy for yourself by liberally applying talc powder or a silicon based lubricant on the inside of the clothing so that it does not grip to your skin.

We also recommend that you remove all jewelery before putting on your rubber latex garment. The last thing you want to do it puncture your latest purchase. If you do have body piecrcing please do take a lot of care if you cannot, or prefer not to, remove them first

After wearing your rubber garment it can be hand washed in luke warm soapy water, avoid using detergents or abrasive cleaning fluids/powders, a little household washing up liquid or soap will be fine. Rinse repeatedly until all soap has gone, then hang to dry, a shower or above a bath is perfect for this.

Do not try to speed up the drying procedure in the microwave or on a radiator or with a hair dryer or any other similar heating appliance, this will damage your rubber garments. When completely dry, thoroughly talc the inside of the garment and then hang on a cushioned hanger and store.

Store rubber clothing away from heat, direct sunlight, UV light, salt water, chlorine, and 'waxed' clothing. Heat and strong light will make the rubber discoloured and dull, and can cause seams to weaken. Ideally, cover the garment in dark plastic (a bin bag is perfect) and hang in a cool dark place. Do not store under anything heavy.

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