Rubber Wristwatch Buying Guide

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Rubber Wristwatch Buying Guide

Wristwatches have long served as useful and stylish accessories that add value to a wearer's life on many levels. Wristwatches may serve as purely functional devices, or they may create a way for individuals to express their own sense of style and fun. A dynamic way to express style through a wristwatch that has become increasingly popular in recent years is wearing a rubber wristwatch. Rubber wristwatches use silicon rubber, which makes them not only reliable and remarkably durable accessories, but also accessories that embody almost any individual’s personal sense of style.

When shopping for rubber wristwatches, consumers may have some questions about the types of watches that are available in rubber and the characteristics and attributes that are reflected in these wristwatches. Gaining some understanding of these factors helps streamline the purchasing process. Consumers can also benefit from learning about great retail options for finding and buying rubber wristwatches, such as in department and novelty jewellery stores and on online sites like eBay.

Timekeeping Methods for Rubber Wristwatches

Rubber wristwatches feature either an analogue or a digital timekeeping method or a combination of both. An analogue watch has two or more hands that rotate in a controlled fashion to indicate the time. A digital watch uses a numerical display to show the time. Some rubber wristwatches come with a combination of the two methods. For example, a watch might have an analogue face with a digital inset that also displays the time or displays some other related detail, such as the date or the day of the week.

Both analogue and digital rubber watches are often driven by quartz technology. Quartz wristwatches provide an affordable and efficient way for a watch to keep time.

Understanding Quartz Technology in Rubber Wristwatches

A quartz timepiece leverages an electronic oscillator that is powered by a quartz crystal to create a very regulated frequency that, in turn, drives the mechanisms of the wristwatch. Quartz technology has been a prominent choice in the wristwatch market since the 1960s, and it is still one of the most prevalent technologies used to run reliable, quality watches today.

The quartz technology used in quartz rubber wristwatches is a very stable system that delivers a good deal of accuracy. Consumers can expect a typical quartz wristwatch to gain or lose 15 seconds over 30 days, or less than half a second of clock drift each day when worn on the wrist consistently.

Style Choices for Rubber Wristwatches

There is an enormous variety of styles of rubber wristwatches available on the market today, which means everyone from a child to an office professional can find a feasible option. Each of these styles has its own advantages, which adds to the appeal for individuals who are in the market for a rubber wristwatch.

Slap-On Rubber Wristwatches

Slap-on rubber wristwatches feature a wristband that is made from two solid, wide pieces of rubber, each of which contains a thin, flexible piece of metal inside. This metal allows the two arms of the wristband on a slap-on rubber wristwatch to wrap or unwrap easily around the wrist. The metal component pops easily into the round shape that is necessary to enclose the wrist, which allows wearers to basically 'slap' on the watch.

Slap-on rubber wristwatches typically have an analogue watch face. In some designs, the watch face can be popped in and out of the watch so that wearers can switch out the wristband for another colour or design.

Sports-Style Rubber Wristwatches

Some wristwatches on the market that are made from rubber silicon match the style of traditional sports wristwatches. These watches have either a solid or bracelet-style wristband and a multi-featured watch face. Digital options might have multiple modes that allow users to time their workouts with a chronometer, for example. Analogue options might have a chronometer integrated into the face of the watch to let wearers perform the same function using various dials.

The silicon construction of a rubber wristwatch is an ideal choice for sports watches, given that it is resistant to sweat and does not scratch easily. The rubber also makes a sports-style watch quite easy and comfortable to wear during activity, and it does not chafe the skin the way a stainless steel or canvas option might.

Bracelet-Style Rubber Wristwatches

Another style alternative that is commonly found in the marketplace is the bracelet-style rubber wristwatch. These slim wristwatches feature a very subtle design that can look like a thin bracelet or bangle from afar. Bracelet-style rubber wristwatches are typically a closed circle with a fixed size and no clasps or adjusters. These watches must be slipped over the hand and onto the wrist in the same manner as a bangle bracelet. Despite their ultra-slender form, these rubber wristwatches often leverage digital technology to extend an array of functions to wearers, including calendars, chronometers, and more.

Features Available for Rubber Wristwatches

There are a good number of features available on rubber wristwatches that add significant value to the watch. Understanding the types of features that are available helps a consumer narrow down the appropriate rubber wristwatch for his or her needs.

Radio-Controlled Timekeeping on Rubber Wristwatches  

Certain rubber wristwatches are equipped with a radio control system that allows the watch to receive regular updates to keep it accurately functioning by syncing it with atomic time. Radio-controlled rubber wristwatches have a discrepancy rate of as little as one second in relation to atomic time.

Chronographs on Rubber Wristwatches

Chronographs are analogue solutions that leverage additional clock hands or dials to allow a rubber wristwatch to function as a stopwatch. A sweeping second hand or series of dials lets users time finite events. A dial chronograph can break an event down into hours, minutes, and seconds and provide as much accuracy as many digital chronometers. Some chronographs integrate both analogue and digital displays as part of a stopwatch system.

Easy-to-Read Displays on Rubber Wristwatches

Some rubber wristwatches are designed and formatted to make reading the time on them a user-friendly process. Easy-to-read displays involve oversized numbers on an analogue face, a particularly large digital display, or a bright LED that is always clearly visible and delineated in any light environment.

Water Resistance in Rubber Wristwatches

Sports-style rubber wristwatches can be water resistant or waterproof, as well, and this allows users to wear them during aquatic activities and sports. Water resistance in watches can be notated in metres, feet, or a unit called ATMs. One ATM is equal to 10 metres of depth. The following chart goes through some of the most common depth ratings for waterproof watches and lists the activities that are appropriate for each depth rating.

Depth Rating


10 metres

33 feet


Resistant to accidental exposure to water, light splashing, and temporary submersion

Not suitable for water pressure

30 metres

100 feet


Can sustain more splashing and longer submersion than a 1 ATM watch

Not suitable for swimming

50 metres

165 feet


Can handle swimming

Not suitable for diving

100 metres

330 feet

10 ATM

Can handle most recreational water sports, such as swimming, poolside diving, or snorkelling

Not appropriate for scuba diving

150 metres

500 feet

15 ATM

Can handle a good deal of water pressure

Suitable for snorkelling and scuba diving

When shopping for a waterproof watch, consumers should make an effort to confirm a watch's rating and a watch's suitability for a particular activity. It is also important for individuals in the market for a waterproof watch to understand that some watches marketed as 'diver’s watches' may have a different rating system. For example, a standard 100-metre watch is not equivalent to a 100-metre diver's watch.

Buying Rubber Wristwatches on eBay

eBay offers a diverse catalogue of rubber wristwatches that can be a great resource for consumers who are looking to find and purchase these useful accessories. Shopping on the site is easy, thanks to the helpful search interface that is provided on every page. When you visit eBay to start the shopping process, use the search bar to pull up a list of items that are related to the type of watch you want. If you want to skim the maximum number of results, you can use a general keyword term, such as 'rubber wristwatch', instead of getting specific. However, use more specific keywords if you have an exact type of watch in mind.

Getting to Know the Sellers on eBay

When you start looking at individual listings in detail after running your search, take a moment to evaluate the seller associated with each listing. You can do this by clicking on the seller's name on the listing page and reviewing the seller's auction history and previous feedback comments. This information should help you decide whether or not you want to do business with the seller.


Rubber wristwatches are a fun and reliable way for individuals to keep track of time while also making a unique fashion choice. Leveraging the smooth and sturdy nature of rubber silicon, these watches come in numerous designs and styles that can appeal to almost any consumer. From sports-oriented watches with multiple features to streamlined timepieces that resemble a piece of jewellery, rubber wristwatches provide a truly diverse range of choices for shoppers.

When searching for the right rubber wristwatch, consumers may benefit from looking through the wide catalogue of options on the eBay site, but they can also find numerous style choices at a broad range of local retail outlets. No matter where the shopping is done, when it comes to rubber wristwatches, the hardest part of the process may very well be deciding on a single style choice.

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