Rude memeber's

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Hello i was trying to sell a yellow ford ka lately, which went well at 1st.

It sold for a good price, i sent invoice off with a message asking for them to message me back on when they would like it collect car,

I never heard back so i messaged again only to get a reply with a mob number on it, i called and was asked to sent address which i did, i was then told that i would be emailed back at around 2pm same day with info on when they would collect, i never did.

That didn't matter in the end as i have to cancel the transaction, used the mob number provided to let them know only to have them phone me and be very rude.

The member in question accused me of keeping them waiting and tried to say i never sent them my address which i did and when telling them this they said yes i know you did but you never gave me you mob number they never asked for one.

As i'm writing this i have just got a message asking for mob number which makes me think they are trying to cover their track as its been sent hr's after they claim to have asked for it.

My advice to anyone who deals with someone like this is to act how i did, stay calm say sorry lots even tho you have done nothing wrong and never deal with that member again.

Also try not to give out you mob number unless you feel you can truly trust them otherwise you might get a call like i did.




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