RuneScape Review (2006)

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Good Points

Regularly Updated
Provides innovative on-line gaming
Free to play
Requires no special PC to play

Bad Points

Slightly immature Players
Some repetition
Cheating players

General Comments

Even though the graphics aren't fantastic, I feel that this allows for our own imagination to interpret the game. However the developers "Jagex" have made a fantastic world of RuneScape using Java, with detailed areas that require no high-quality graphics processor, I wouldn't say the theme-tune is amazing, but the use of MIDI to create the sound effects and background music adds to the uniqueness of the game.

The game is easy to learn, but very difficult to master - it does require skill. This reminds me of an article I read some months back which explained that many games allow for effective development of motor-neurone skills, and RuneScape does this well. The "quests" are varied, from passive item collecting quests, to tricky, detailed quests to slay and conquer mythical monsters and creatures like the Demon Delrith and Elvarg the dragon, at Crandor.
The RuneScape community are very competitive and so allow you to become better at your game like playing any sport. Skills are great fun to master, yet challenging. There are melee, maged and ranged to "non-combat skills" like mining, smiting, woodcutting, fire making and cooking.

Sometimes you do get that small percentage of gamers in the community that will play unfairly and cheat in the game. But this is rare, and can quickly learned to be spotted easily. Obviously, I am reviewing this game from playing it free, but you can upgrade to a membership (£3.20 a month ) which is pretty reasonably priced... just don't waste all your money!!!

Overall, you learn the value of money and some insight into how economy works in the real world. I think it can be highly educational and entertaining, and I recommend if you've not already started playing, then start now
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