Runescape Gaming Guides - Think before purchase!

Like if this guide is helpful
Many buy it
Many Read It
None use it....

Its Runescape Guides.

Since the massive online game was populated many people have created guides on how to become a millionaire in the game. The fact is there is no other way than to play the game like everyone else.

Although the guides do contain some interesting tips like what monsters are best to kill and where they are located. This can easily be found on the internet with seconds using a Search Engine.

At the end of the day your paying around £5 for a guide that tells you how to play the game like you already know but more structured.

TIP: before you buy one of these guides have a search on the net and come up with your own solution or find a free guide, Chances are that you will fidn the same information in a free guide as you will paid.

There is no get rich quick solution!

I hope this has helped you realize that these guides are not as amazing as they seem.

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