Runescape buying and selling scams.

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I am writing this guide to help and hopefully protect other genuine ebayers. I recently "sold" my RS2 account on ebay. I had a starting bid of £50 and a buy it now of £200. 2 days after listing it, someone had bought it for the Buy it now price. Well I was, as you can imagine, very pleased. Everything seemed fine, the buyer paid as normal and as promised I delivered my account details. Unfortunately, 2-4 hours later I recieved an email from Paypal. " Fraudulent accounts...". They said that the money that the buyer paid with was fraudulent. And after a long and worrying exchange of emails they refunded the payment, to my disgust. So I technically lost out of "£200". Very off putting!! Here is what you should look out for when dealing with RS2 accounts on Ebay.



1) Buyers with 0 or negative feedback. They usually make new accounts and hack other peoples Paypals. They arent bothered with feedback as they normally use the account once or twice. Make sure you contact them before handing over the account details, there is however no way at the moment to make sure that a buyer is genuine and not a scammer so, do so at your own risk.

2) Some scammers will try to bid and buy many RS2 accounts on one ebay account. Look at their ebay feedback and click on the numbers next to any feedback to see what else they have bought. If any other accounts have been bought then be very aware.

3) Scammers will also pay higher then average for the accounts, they use the Buy it Now option. So if your listing sells higher or quicker then expected then be carefull.


BUYERS: ( I personally have never bought a RS2 account, so I dont know alot about it)

1) The most effected thing I can think of is the price, a absurd price to good account is obviously never gonna materialise. So be carefull with low priced accounts.

2) If you buy RS money/gp/gold then try and buy from the many (and I mean many) company type organisations. But there is always a risk then when they trade the gp with you that Jagex (company that runs RS) will pick up this unfair trade and maybe ban you. So its upto you if you want to risk getting banned.


Hopefully this has helped you, please be carefull when dealing with RS2 accounts on Ebay. If you need any information on RS2 on Ebay and think I could help then email me, I would be happy to help :)



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