Russian Scammers

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As I have recently been duped by a scammer from russia, i am writing this guide to help others avoid dealing with these type of people.

I had in june listed some iphone 4's for sale.

A scammer from russia id braskot bought and paid promptly

Wishing to give foreign buyers a quick service i was using fedex. One of fedex requirements is that a telephone number or email address be provided. After several emails and no response i got the email address from paypal and sent the phone. The phone as promised by fedex was in moscow within 2 days. Fedex could not get hold of him via email so wanted a phone number - again i sent this scammer more than 5 emails and got no response. Hence fedex returned the phone back to me. Knowing what was happening he filed a paypal case of non receipt and paypal despite evidence on record of what had happened froze the payment.

Once the phone was returned via fedex the scammer asked me to send it again I charged him 15.00 to re-send it via royal mail.

Now the website is showing that he received the item on the 12th of august. But because the status has not been updated at the royal mail end paypal have decided in his favour. So has got to keep the phone and the money. Please be aware of dealing with this person and this country also as from various forums this is not the first time someone has been duped.

My paypal account is now in the negative and i have stopped all my listings - as a new business there is no way  i can foot the bill for over 500 pounds. I am very angry as these people dont realise how hard it is to make a living and they use dishonst means to ruin others lives and those that are supposed to protect us - dont.
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