Russian human hair - Is it worth the price?

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Russian human hair is by far the best hair in the world for Europeans.
It is fine silky which suits European women.
Dont be fooled by all the ebay listings of today when you see I tips, Nail tips, weft, clip ins.
These will not be genuine Russian hair, they are mass produced in factories in China using Asian hair, now nothing wrong with Asian hair if you want a short term extensions, but not when you pay a high price only to be sold Asian hair under the name Russian. This really annoys me that China are making us the sellers that do sell the genuine hair have a hard time in convincing that what we sell is the real thing .

The real Russian human hair is very very rare today expect to pay from £2 to £3.80 per GRAM.
Double drawn being very time consuming to produce, leaving us the producers with all short hairs that nobody wants is the 5-10 inches ( this we have to write off as waste) That is why double drawn is so expensive because of the waste and the time we have to sit there picking out all the short hairs from every bundle!
Also the price of Russian hair has increased ten fold over the years because Russia is not as poor as it used to be, it is an up and coming country with travel opening up for more of them making it easier to do business world wide.
So not so many poor people wanting to sell their hair for money meaning less supply, meaning higher price.
It is worth the money as it will last you years so in the long run its very cost effective.
Why buy hair at £15  only to last 3 months when you can spend £80 and get up to 3 years use! Common sense.
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