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I've noticed quite a few 'S.A.S. / S.B.S.' T-shirts for sale on EBAY and here's some useful info, before you part with your cash: don't - it's a rip-off. Out of 50 shirts you'll see, maybe 2 are as issued or worn at work. The rest are normal t-shirts, whether primark/fruit of the loom and have cheap stuck-on badges on the left breast. I've even seen one with '22 S.A.S. STAFF INSTRUCTOR' on! If you do a google search for say, 'SAS badge', then you'll come across the actual pictures of the winged sword of Excaliber  that the t-shirt makers are copying and selling you as 'Official kit'.
If you really want genuine kit, then check out official regiments websites. The Royal Marines and Para's have their own dedicated shop and you can buy all manor of items, plus, you're helping the regiment/corps directly, rather than lining market traders pockets. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR CASH! Happy days.
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