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If you are planning to use any recreational equipment, you should take proper precautions to ensure safety at all times. In general, skaters, skateboarders and scooter riders who wear safety equipment will enjoy their experiences far more as a result. Proper safety equipment can also greatly improve a skateboarder's / skater's performance because it allows them to increase their skill whilst ensuring a safe and comfortable riding experience. 

HELMETS:  Helmets should be worn at all ability levels and at all times to avoid head injuries. The helmet must fit securely and be buckled or fastened. Do not buy a helmet that moves on the head when the head moves. The front of the helmet should come down to just a finger's width above the eyebrows. Bike style helmets offer the most protection on impact but MUST be replaced after every impact.

KNEE PADS:  Beginners especially should wear knee pads to prevent knee injuries, grazes and scrapes. Pads need to be fastened securely around the leg.

ELBOW PADS:  Again, these are recommended for beginners especially.

WRIST GUARDS AND GLOVES:  Hand protection is recommended to be worn at all times. Some guards and gloves are manufactured with a hard plastic splintwhich offer maximum protection against injury.

REFLECTIVE GEAR:  It is advised that all scooter riders wear reflective gear at all times to ensure visibility.  This also applies to skaters and skateboarders.

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