SAMSUNG GALAXY S GT-i9000 - SmartPhone for a SmartLife

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Samsung has been making waves with its new Galaxy S Android-based smartphone. We recently put its AT&T variant, the Samsung Captivate, through the paces.

A few short weeks after checking out the Galaxy S line in london City in UK, while T-Mobile's Vibrant and The Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000
are now available for purchase. With a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy's touchscreen is absolutely gorgeous (I was going to say , but refrained). Colors are crisp and rich, and overall picture quality is quite good. I always forget how much I love AMOLED and Super AMOLED displays until I get my hands on one and use it for a few days

The quality is stunning, and I enjoyed watching Avatar on the display. Coming in at 4.82 inches tall by 2.54 inches wide by 0.39 inch thick, and weighing 4.16 ounces, it's one of the lightest smartphones on the market. The thin profile makes it easy to slip into a pocket, glove box, or any other small space.

While the industrial design of the Galaxy S phones vary from carrier to carrier, all contain the same 4-inch Super AMOLED display and sport a 1 GHz  processor with 512MB of memory. The phone also includes 16GB of internal storage and it can take a MicrSD card of up to 32GB.

The Galaxy S includes Bluetooth 3.0, a micro USB connector (cleverly covered by a sliding style cover) and a removable battery.

The device is lightweight and ultra thin. It appears to be thinner than the iPhone 4 because of how the sides are curved, but it’s actually slightly thicker. The battery cover has a really nice texture, which we wish extended to the entire back of the device.While the raw power of the hardware is largely tied to the software stack, we will say that the Samsung Galaxy S absolutely flies

Powered by 4-inch Super AMOLED and the latest version of Android™,
Galaxy S brings rich technology and enhanced mobile experience

The notification menu has some built-in buttons for turning Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sound and vibrate on or off. This is a really great touch and one that we wish Android proper would adopt. As for the home screens themselves, you can have up to seven and, unlike the standard Android, you can actually delete unused screens.

Samsung has its own collection of “official” widgets, including something called “Daily Briefing” and “Feeds and Updates.” Daily Briefing contains news from the AP, the local weather and selected stock quotes. Feeds and Updates gives you easy access to your Twitter, Facebook and MySpace feeds, and you can select which networks you want to activate. You can also post status updates to one or multiple networks from the widget.

Another interesting figure i would like to share here is that :

Of the ten million smartphones, Samsung sold 4 million units in North America, 2.5 million units in Europe and 2 million devices in the Korean market.

While making a milestone for Google’s operating system, the Galaxy S has not–yet–usurped Apple’s iPhone, which sold 14.1 million units worldwide in the quarter that ended in September. Apple still makes for stiff competition, as the company said in late December that it expects to ship 20 to 21 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2011, upping its original plans by 1-2 million units.

But for Samsung, the phone maker that is set on becoming the number one mobile manufacturer in the world, this is good news indeed.SO enjoy your life live lavishly with Galaxy S Android-based phone ,untill than if you are an apple geek like me you might be interested in iPhone 5 also,  i have described in another ebay guide for  Htc 7 mozart as well.Hope you will enjoy reading it,

See you again next time with review of another product of mass interests in 2011,soon................

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