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Salons can be a  bredding ground for bacteria. Every team member must be aware of proper sanitisation to help eliminate potential problems.

STERLISATION: destroys all living organisms. It is very difficult to acheive in a salon enviroment.

SANITISING: Reduces the presence of pathogens but does not kill all organisms. Washing hands is the number one way in addition to using sanitizers on surfaces in the salon to reduce pathogens.

  • TIPS: Sweep and mop floors each night.
  • Empty waste bins and dispose correctly in a proper receptacle.
  • Food must be soncumed and prepared in a different area.
  • Keep the salon tidy and dust free.
  • Linen and towels must be fresh and clean for each client.
  • Implements must be cleaned, sanitised and stroed correctly.


SANITISING IMPLEMENTS: Reduces the poossibility of infecting a client.

  • Wash nd rinse implements.
  • Immerse in a disinfectant for the recommended time by th manufacturer.

If a file, buffer, orange wood stick etc comes into contact with blood, either give it to client or THROW it away.

Just in case you should miss that last point - if you even suspect an implement has come into contact with blood THROW it away!

There now its done - don't you feel better for it............



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