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I was brousing ebay for a Satnav HGV and came across JUGGLING FROGS who sell HGV Satnavs, at first i was sceptical and emailed the seller, i have to say in all honesty Nick was very helpful from purchase to customer service.

Ok now to the Satnav (i like to be as honest as possible) so i can give you the buyer a guide on this product, i have used TomTom for many years, however i found this impressive 7in screen to be great! this piece of kit will do what you want it to do, i have used for the past week and it has been spot on! The Satnav will show you every Lane, every Gantry sign, it will also tell you every Junction and what is off that Junction, it will also show a small screen on the Satnav to indicate your coming off your particular exit,also if you yourself decide on a detour the unit will ask you why! it will show Fuel, Restaurant and other local amenities if you chose Fuel then it will automatically take you there! this unit has so much to offer, it will also detect day and night and will switch over and dectect night time. unlike some Satnavs i have used this one will even show where to go long before you get to the round about! Great! will also show what is on both sides of the road/motorway. i did a run yesterday Satnav said to my destination would be 91 miles again spot on!

As for bridges this will show up again in a small icon the height of the bridge this will ask if you want to except or decline, when you decline it will automatically re route you. (i tried it and works) The feedback for this Satnav by JUGGLING FROGS is Good as other fellow Truck drivers have said it is Good!! i have recommended this to the guys at work!

This Satnav really does do better than TomTom! take my word for this as i am a class 1 driver!!


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