SAVE your money from FRAUD on ebay & ebay MOTORS GUIDE!

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Welcome to my guide


I feel it is about time to help people and expose this sick idiots who try and steel our hard earned money!!

Most of these fraudsters are teenagers or sad people with no lives and no jobs and the below lower class!!

I hope this guide makes the top 1000 guides so that more and more people can understand about this and avoid it before it happens to them!!

***Below is a list of fake auctions & how to report them***


1)  From the first moment on a search page you can tell what a fake auction  looks like. The first thing is that the vehicle is always very rare or top of the range and on the search page it would be highlighted purple witha  breif title and running time of no more than around 4 days. 90% of the time they will adveretise a stupid really cheap "BUY IT NOW" price or in the title they will advertise such as "Buy it Now"

2)  Once you click on the fake listing, the first thing you will notice about the car is that there will ALWAYS be 4 pictures, 1 of the back of the car, 1 of the front of the car, one of the side, engine or boot and 1 of the interior of the front driving area.

3) In the main page somewhere there always will be in big an e-mail address saying "CONTACT ME BEFORE BIDDING OR YOUR BID WILL BE CANCELLED"

Now the secret is if you contact them they will always make up an excuse such as a relative has died (i wish all of them die) and i need money for a funeral or travel costs that is why the car is so cheap and they would want the money by WESTERN UNION.

4) Do not rely on looking at the feedback even if it is 84 with 100% + feedback, ALL fake auctions on ebay are listed on a HACKED account!!!

5) A new trick now is they do not advertise their e-mail so big they hide it is the terms & conditions section at the bottom of the page which is mainly to make the listing look genuine

6) Vehicle and electronics used are never basic or simple they are always the top of the range goods and cars




1) Spotting fake goods other than cars on ebay is tough but you will learn, be very suspicious about buying goods without a genuine picture (e.g. a pic of google aka a library pic) It is 100% fake auction if the ebayer has 0 feeback and only uses gallery pictures be very carefull and the same rule applys for buying goods of ebay if they say contact me first than it is fake also TEST them and PLAY with them, ask if you can pick it up etc. and use an excuse such as my mate who is the police can arrange a van for me to pick the goods in, when would this be possible and see what there reaction would be.





* Be very carefull when buying from new ebayers

* If it says "contact me on a given e-mail before bidding or your bid will be removed" IT IS 100% FAKE!!!!!

* Do not rely on looking at the feedback score, they give you an e-mail to contact them instead of using ebay BECAUSE THE ACCOUNT THE ITEMS ARE LISTED HAS BEEN HACKED & IS NOT THERE's


I hope this guide help as ig ot cheated on ebay once over a fake laptop and sent £500 to Greece and i was new to ebay and i am still seeing these SICK IDIOTS doing it again!!!!!

I wish i could kill each one of them but in the mean time all i can do is help others avoid making the mistake i did and paying these idiots ebay wages!

Be carefull out there as ebay is difficult and not very easy WATCH WHO YOU DEAL WITH!


**************SHAME LIST TO DEATH ROW**************

 A list of the current sick people who are the biggest fraudsters on ebay at the moment:

shopping933 @




any 1 want to add more to the list contact me and i shall do so with honour!

Do not e-mail these sick people as they will send you over 1000 e-mails and get your internet blocked by your providor.

Sorry for the gap in the e-mails they are all ment to be one word with NO gap's it is just the guide says i can't use my own html for some reason only plain text.

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