SCAM 1st time sellers beware! K850i

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SCAM - 1st time sellers beware! K850i

I listed an item and someone bought it! Yay - I thought!

Sadly however, and without prejudice to female american doctors with a firm believe in God I'm sad to to say it turned out to be a scam.

I was contacted by ebay to say the listing had been removed because the item was purchased without the account holders permission. However the so-called buyer still wanted me to transact business outside ebay due to a 'problem with their account'.

Happily I didn't fall for it and even more happily these individuals do not seem to be very bright!

So if you're a first time seller like me, beware of the following:

+Offers to buy outside ebay due to a 'fault with their account'
+Offers to buy from America if it's not logical given the item you're selling
+Offers to buy from people signing "Dr" who haven't yet learned to spell or use appropriate grammar or syntax
+Finally, and most sadly of all, offers to buy from people who feel the need to shower you with Gods blessings at the end of an email - like as if any default on their part will have the Almighty winging your item back across the pond on the wings of an angel.. it ain't gonna happen.

Hope this helps at least one person.


Dear Simon I'm a proud winner of your item,I'm presently having slight problems with ebay which will be resolved shortly.
I will be making out payment first thing tomorrow morning via paypal okay.
Just want to inform you of the latest development.
Thanks and God Bless.
Dr.Marilyn Kinstler

Hello Simon ****, I got my ebay account and my box hacked so i had to register and change my box as instructed by ebay,so you can now reach me on this email box.
I will be making out payment first thing tomorrow morning and will alert you after payment.
Thanks and Urgency Needed.
God Bless.

I replied:

I'm sorry i don't believe you're a genuine buyer. Any transaction I make will be strictly in line with Ebay policy and safeguards. Any funds sent to me will be returned directly.

Thanks for totally wasting my time!


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