SCAMMERS buyers from nigeria and abroad

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hi i am writing this guide to help out all the newbie sellers on ebay although my user id is new i am a experienced seller on ebay and have been contacted by a few people saying they have been scammed from a buyer claiming to be paypal and claiming to have paid for the items so here are a few tips to help you all out

first of all if a buyer is from outside the uk always exercise caution scammers usually target new sellers selling expensive mobile phones you will usually receive an email claiming to be from paypal claiming they have paid they usually pay more than the item was sold for to try and reel you in also you could receive an email saying the buyer has changed address and that its verified and ok to post the item this will usually be a fake also they like to send threatening emails claiming to be from ebay saying your account will be suspended if you dont post the item if you are in any doubt about emails you receive claiming to be from ebay or paypal forward it on to and they will contact you to verify if it is real or not and what i found was the best thing to do is check your paypal balance to see if there are funds in your account from a buyer claiming to have paid i will write another guide soon on this subject so watch this space hope this helped      



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