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I bought 2 low value items a month ago and was given the ebayers payment address as J. Whittle of 79 Guildford Road, Southport PR8 4JX , and I promptly sent payment. To save time awaiting an invoice with ciombined postage, I paid full postage for each item.

I then waited and waited..............for almost a month. After several emails from me with no response, I opened an "item not received" dispute on the 10th April which was also ignored. I also notified the Fair Traders group of this seller. On the 18th of April, I felt I had no alternative but to issue negative feedback which surprisingly got a response from the seller. The response being lies and a retaliatory negative for each item. She claims to have sent previous replies yet I've received nothing, she also claims that Royal Mail lost mail, then found it again, she claims her daughter has been seriously ill yet the response on her feedback to someone else who left a negative states she's been on holiday! It's anyones guess what the truth actually is. Here's her reply

i have been informed by royal mail that several bags of mail had gone missing, which has now been
allocated and will be delivered in due course to the relevant parties. i do not appreciate being
called a thief as i am not, like yourself i also take in ponies nobopdy longer wants, so i doubt
people who do this sort of charitable work could be thiefs, i did infact e-mail you to offer a full
refund, and if you had read previous e-mails you would of known my daughter has been seriously ill

I think she means located not allocated! LOL

I was angry that she claims to have replied and offered a refund and that she is lying through her teeth and cannot prove she posted the items.  Ebay is based on trust yet people like her continue to take the mickey out of trusting ebayers.

I responded with

Excuse me but I do check EVERY email and if you sent it through ebay it would be in my ebay messages
but it is not. My friend bought a surcingle from you and exactly the same, no item, no contact, and
no offer of refund. Whilst I am an understanding person, I see one response to someones feedback states
you were on holiday, now you say items lost and daughter ill. I too have been seriously ill with
pneumonia, in fact I got a message put on my ebay shop so that customers knew there was a delay

This moron only registered with ebay on the 2nd March and opened a shop called "Sometimes Horsey" and listed lots of items with no pictures. Do the items actually exist??

This ebayer should be ashamed!

If you do not want to be ripped off, do not buy from this seller and add them to your blocked bidders list!

see followed by a / and the ebayers I.D which is whittle40

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