SELLER funkyskinz IS A BULLY

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i bought a vynl skin for my xbox 360 of the seller funkyskinz, after the item was delivered it was crumpled an damaged, it cost me £18 and after i left neg feedback for his failure to write DO NOT BEND on the jiffy bag which offers no protection against careless posties he left me neg feedback like a bully and said he put it on the bag.

he wrote it on with a pen that was out of ink and in such small writing you have to look closely to see it, so i gather a postie isnt going to be asred to see it. to add injury, he waits for you to buy his stock for him!!!! instead of pre ordering like any sane seller! then 5 weeks later you get your item cumbled up like newspaper,

if you buy from him beware, if your not happy he doesnt want to know, like most sellers on here, they just dont care when they have your money.

is it so hard for a buyer to put card in a jiffy bag? or to pre order stock? or to be a nice person? most of my neg feedback has been left by complete pillocks an it is so annoying when you are a genuine buyer.


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