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I have decided to write this guide, to help sellers when they are Auctioning or Buy it Now All Solid Gold Items.

As you all know, English Hallmarking is the best on ebay Worldwide. In Australia we are being Flooded with Fake Solid Gold & now many Buyers are looking to to United Kingdom for all Jewelery, mainly because of the Hallmarking, which we know has been Assayed by London, Birmingham, Chester etc Assay Offices. This way we know the Gold has been Tested & we are Purchasing Solid Gold, either 9ct,18ct etc.

I do Notice Many Sellers are Not entering the Full Hallmarks, just 9ct or 18ct, Without the Weight, Measurements & Postage Charges.  Now the sellers in China, Hong Kong do the same thing & when you receive the item it is usually Fake Gold & so fine you can bend it with your finger. Even the Gems & Settings are so little & you can pick this rubbish up in Australian Retail Jewelers for 1/2 the price, hence they lose many buyers & receive Bad Feedbacks.

As Many Buyers are looking to UK for their Gold, I am wondering why so many do Not put in The Weight, Setting Measurements, Hallmarks for their items & Air Mail Postage. By doing this, you are Increasing your bids & selling to a much wider audience.

I for one, do not like Bidding or Buying Gold, which does not have Full Hallmarks, Weight & Measurements, it is to Costly to send items back, if they are not what you expected.

Please Sellers, you are Missing out on Some Fabulous Buyers from Australia etc, through Not Entering Full Description & Full Postage Charges. Many weights can be obtained through a Post Office or Supermarket Digital Scales, or ask a friend, and Settings, Shank are so easy to Measure. Even if you put in Full Hallmarking for London, Birmingham etc, we get the message. Asian Gold is Not what we are looking for, unless it has Full Hallmarking from London etc.


2.Full Hallmarks


4. Air Mail Charges, which should be between $4-$6 Pounds.Some are just charging ridiculous prices for Postage & miss out on some excellent Sales to Other Countries, especially Australia. If you are making good sales on your items, there is no need to Overcharge on Postage, in fact many will just Avoid you.

Thank You

welshblonde Australia

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