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hi all after i've just had an e-mail off stating that they are bringing new rights for buyers again. i asked myself is there anymore rights for the sellers that in all fairness keeps ebay going and if it was not for the sellers then ebay would go bust straight away as the sellers draws the buyers to ebay and now the latest is that ebay will take control of a buyers dispute and if found that the seller was in the wrong which 9/10 they aint as we all know that out there theres evil little *"$&%£*" that do this for the fun of it and yet now they can do what they like  and the sellers well we get nothing infact the only thing we get is abuse off some horrible little *"$&%£* who makes threats and tells us what we should do and we are surposed to go along with this i think ebay should look after the sellers and not all for the buyers they will tell you in a nice twisting manner that they are helping the buyer and seller what bull that is surely there must be something a seller can do about this because at the moment we are being treated very unfair which they seem to think that we arent but we all know we are getting a real bad deal here. heres what should be done if every seller refused to do anymore trading on here and stopped paying them all the millions that they are making from us not only ebay but paypal aswell then they would after change the way that the think and then watch they would give us more rights like allowing the seller to leave a neg feedback and it would not be all one side like it is at the moment this cant go on like this any longer. lol its getting to become a joke now and i cant believe that we keep them in buisness and we get treated like this shocking it is.

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