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hi fellow ebay buyers here is an unusual problem or is it???????? between the 4th -6th of september 2009 i "won" 23 items at an auction, and then as we all do hit the request total button and then sat back and waited for the invoice to arrive so that i could pay for my goods, or so i thought. 15 request total requests and 7 emails later i am still waiting for the final invoice { had agreed beforehand with the seller and was offered combined postage}

as he only accepts paypal i can't mark it down as payment sent in my won items page, my first idea

NOW as all ebay buyers and sellers are fully aware of  the winner of an item has 7 DAYS TO PAY, thats it, then the seller can open a dispute against the buyer as to all intents and puposes he has not been payed. all i got from the seller is that he has a sick relative and couldn't get to the post office to get a final postage price. NOTE in the last 8 months i have had 5 sellers who were slow to send out goods and all 5 used the sick/dead relative excuse...........what are the odds of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i then checked out the sellers feedback { always useful in cases like this} and it turns out that from the same auction he HAS posted other items from this auction, they have been received and feedback left, yet he can't conclude his deal with me fom the self same auction. WHAT 2 DO NEXT?

next i phoned ebays "helpline" their answer was to contact seller and work it out, but couldn't explain how to contact someone who by now has stopped replying to all comms from me?????? they also explained that as i had not payed i would get a strike against me which i would then have to appeal against. HELPLINE from ebay really means its your problem you sort it out we are to busy counting our profits, and NOW TRYING TO MAKE MONEY ON THE POSTAGE AS WELL AS THE LISTING COSTS to date i am left sitting here with no way to resolve this issue, DEAR READER try opening a dispute against a seller who won't accept payment, ebay don't even have a procedure for this type of problem,basically ebay don't care as they have been payed for the listing and also on the final price, so why should the worry or get involved, no money to be made now eh

my own suspicions are that another ebayer has offered him more money for these items and he has taken the better offer, or he has not been happy with the final prices and has deceided to keep them, and here's me thinking ebay had rules against this kind of bid jumping?????????? infact there seems to be nothing against someone doing this other than if they do it enough times then something might happen to them eventually, maybe, never!!!!!!!!!! it now looks like ebay offers the same protection as buying from the fabled man in the pub?

i now have no interest in concluding this deal, after all if he hasn't sent an invoice after 7 days how long will it take him to actually send out my goods, at least i still have my money which is the only comfort out of all this!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS AND PLEASE VOTE AS IT MAY HELP OTHER INNOCENT BUYERS CAUGHT UP IN A SIMILAR DISPUTE, and if anyone has an answer i would love to hear from them .........kindest regards BLACKRAIN565 ps will add to this as the dispute progresses!!!!!!!!

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