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further to my guide  SELLERS WHO WON'T SELL, have now received the invoice after the seven days have elapsed and after both ebay and myself sent emails advising that a dispute was being opened against him. whats the betting i now get a dispute opened against me for NON PAYMENT now feel very uncomfortable sending this seller over £100, as at this time i still have my cash in my pocket and not in his. as the invoice has arrived after 7 days am i still covered by paypal if he doesn't send the goods after i pay him, or as i suspect when the goods don't arrive will i be told that the transaction was outside paypals rules and so am not covered { CATCH 22 ANYONE}.have the funny feeling ebay will find for this seller as he is the one who has to pay them for listing and fees etc etc. ebay don't make any money out of the buyer so why worry about him. this is why so many buyers complain about ebay not protecting them, they are all for the seller who pays them and don't give 2 figs for the buyer who doesn't pay them anything NOTE TO EBAY when the buyers become tired of bad sellers then where will they and there profits be without anyone to buy the goods, how many good sellers, and beleive me there are lots of really great sellers on ebay, where will they be when buyers stop buying because they don't have any protection.

ebay and paypal both insist they are seperate companies, just in the same way myself and my wife are 2 seperate people. true but we are married, paypal and ebay are either wedded together or at the very least live togther

this update was written on the 13th sept 2009 at 21.19 hours BLACKRAIN565

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