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I find it really concerning that people are selling important essays/assignments on ebay.  Personally I worked hard for my degree and every part of it I did myself as a single parent.  If someone has to buy an essay or assignment in order to receive a degree which leads to employment, do they deserve it? No.  I hope I am not the only one concerned about this - why should someone who delivers our babies, teaches our children be allowed to be in that role if they haven't achieved it on their own merit and, more importantly, their own knowledge? 

One ebayer was selling a 15,000 word dissertation for less than five pounds!  It was stated that it was good enough to be published - if it were really that good wouldnt it be worth more than a measly five pounds?  If it were that good wouldnt it be recognised if it was used again?  Is that all its worth to that person - all that hard work for five pounds???  Other sellers are selling the whole degree assignments for less than ten pounds - this means that someone could go and do a degree and just print off someone elses work and pass their degree. - this package of assignments was for midwifery - do we really want people in the national health service who cheat their way to get there? will they know what they are doing when they do get there or will they endanger our lives?

If you are thinking of purchasing an assignment or essay in order to cheat your way through your degree or course - think twice!  Teachers/lecturers are becoming wise and if you are caught you will be thrown off the course and any marks you have already accumilated will be considered null and void.  No one will accept you on another college course and your reference for employment will reflect what you have done - who would want to employ you?

Don't be tempted - you will spend the rest of your life wondering if you could have achieved it on your own (and thats if you dont get caught - remember there are only a limited amount of essays on ebay and a lot of students who have already been there & done that - lecturers can remember good essays - you might be the one they notice as plagurism!)

Come on ebay - get your act together and ban the selling of such important things - there are more honest ways to make money!

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