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I was recently nearly scammed when i decided to sell my old mobile after buying a new one.

My auction had only been on for 10mins when i received an email of very poor grammer and spelling offering to buy it for 200.00 if i would post to this person daughter somewhere in africa, way hay 200.00 easy money i thought however when i replied i quickly got what looked like an auto email from PAYPAL however i urge you to read it closely paying attention to the link address and have they spelt your name correctly ?

if you are unsure compare it to an old one if you have one to view.

this alerted me to it being a spoof:

they wanted me to ship the phone and once i had passed over the tracking number paypal would then release these pre approved funds - one quick call to paypal confirm this was crap and i reported it as spoof. it is looks to good to be true - then it is  !!!

Hopr this helps someone .

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