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In September my daughter's trusty 'ghd' became intermittent and finally gave up the ghost.  She asked me to look for another one for her, so the search began.  Quite rightly I conducted my search for 'ghd irons' and came across many similar looking irons one in particular being the 'SHE' iron. It seemed to come with the right credentials being made in the same factory that makes the 'ghd', having almost all the features of a 'ghd' and was described as, 'as good as a ghd', I told my daughter about this and she told me not to go for it as she had, had her 'ghd', for almost four years without any problems and would prefer another one.  Well I ordered the 'SHE' thinking I would save a fair bit of money, the item even came with the conditioner from 'ghd' which was a bonus as well as a heat mat

It arrived in a timely manner and looked the part, my daughter couldn't believe I had ordered that and not the ghd but commented how good it (the 'SHE') looked and went about straightening her hair, doing everything she was supposed to with the conditioner etc just like she had done for the last four years, It looked just as good as usual and she seemed very happy.

The next time I saw her was about a month later, when I asked how things were with the 'SHE', she said that her hair would lose it straightness after 30 to 40 minutes and go back to its natural state. She told me that she had to be careful that she didn't concentrate on the strands of hair for too long as even with the thermodynamics ghd oil she could damage her hair

I contacted the seller to complain that it was not as good as the 'ghd' as stated in the description. The seller responded by saying that 'moisture in the air gets back into the hair shaft and causes it to fall out' and that 'she should use the thermo dynamics on it', I obviously responded by saying that my daughter had used her'ghd' for years and attended many functions after using her 'ghd' where her hair had remained in a straight condition, that this was not the case with the 'SHE' and I asked if I could return it in order to purchase a 'ghd' from the same seller.  Needless to say that this was not agreed to, as it had been used and was outside the 28 day warranty. 

I therefore eventually purchased a ghd from elswhere much cheaper than was available by any ebay seller at the time, she once again has no problems with her hair it remains straight all night or day whatever the situation may be and its thanks to ghd.

So in answer to the question GHD or SHE? It can only be GHD

I hope this assists any potential buyer of a hair straightening iron, I have absolutely nothing whatsoever to gain from this but peace of mind, by letting you have information that wasn't available for me when looking for a suitable replacement straightener.

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