SHURE E4c's Fakes vs. The Real Thing

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The Real McCoy!

These are my warrantee replacements direct from SHURE, you can't get more original than that!

Below is a list of what to look out for when buying a set of SHURE E4c's

1. A 3 digit code lazer etched on the jack plug

2. The words SHURE on one side & PATENTS PENDING on either side of the cable splitter

3. A 1" long plastic sleeve between the cable splitter & the earpieces

4. On the black ones the main body is half Gloss half Matt

5. The word SHURE is written on the Matt piece & L or R on the Gloss piece

6. The word SHURE is upside down on one side & the right way up on the other side of the earpiece

7. The R in the word SHURE has the foot protruding below the E

8. When each headphone is dismantled for cleaning, you'll have four pieces on the table (rubber/foam grommet, metal collar, black plastic tube & main earphone body)

9. You'll have a silver collar around each earphone

10. They come with a round nylon zipper pouch with word SHURE on a plasic disc on the front

11. You'll get a plasic bag with with 3 sizes of grommets or foams & a pricker for cleaning the wax out of the grommets and black plastic tube


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