SKF Or FAG Ball Bearing Guide To Bearing References

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Max Engineering supplies specialise in supplying quality ball bearings.  This is a short guide as to the prefix of popular ball bearings:

2-RS equals rubber seals both sides
RS equals  rubber seal one side only
ZZ or 2Z equals metal shields both sides
Z equals metal seal one side only

RS or 2-RS Bearings are generally used where a good contact seal is required in order to stop the ingress of dirt and contaminents.
Z or ZZ Bearings are generally used on higher speed applications, as the seal does not touch the inner race.  This bearing does not stop the ingress of dirt as well as the 2-RS versions.

Ball bearings can also be supplied in C2, Standard, C3, C4 or C5 versions.  These prefixes denote the internal clearence tolerance.  A C2 bearing has the tightest tolerence and C5 has the loosest.  C4 & C5 should only be used in hi ambient temperatures or for running at very high speeds.

The most common bearings are either the standard fit or C3 tolerence.

All of these bearings can be found in our ebay shop by clicking HERE   Please contact us for any bearing that you cannot find or if you require any further information please tel: 01630 638580
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