SKY Cards on eBay!!!

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As an ex-employee of SKY, I used to get a few calls from people who thought SKY cards are tranferable. Let me put it to you STRAIGHT. SKY WILL NOT TRANSFER OWNERSHIP OF THESE CARDS. ANY CARD SOLD ON EBAY WILL BE USELESS. The cards will ONLY work with THE BOX IT WAS MEANT FOR. By which I mean the box belonging to the person who originally bought the card. There is NO WAY AROUND THIS.The people who sell them will tell you they will work, just phone SKY, they will do the rest. TOTAL CRAP. These hucksters will tell you whatever it takes, until you part with your cash. I no longer work for SKY, I now work for a computer company, but I feel sorry for my colleagues who will still be dealing with cases like this, and the people who have stumped up, only to be told they have been ripped off.

So, to sum it up - if someone offers a SKY card, promising free-to-air channels, movies, whatever - LIES. If you want SKY, just phone them, not some fraudster.

Quick edit - since I wrote this digital set-top boxes now go for £10.00...

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