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Since buying a Sky+ box privately and only having the FTV channels, i was disappointed to find that i cannot use the RECORD option which is why i bought the box! After digging around on the interweb i have found out that to enable recording i need to ring Sky Customer services and ask them to set me up for Sky Freeview channels plus Record option at the cost of £10 per month. Meaning that i still get the same FTV channels but i will be able to record them and use the EPG to set times to record etc. On the forum i visited, some say that this is easy to set up but others have had a nightmare trying to explain what they want to  the CS bod. It would seem that it may well be "pot luck" as to whether you drop lucky or not. In a nutshell, you have to give details of your viewing card and set up a DD for £10 per month and that is all. HOWEVER.......keep an eye on the bank statements, just in case!!! 
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