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Replacing my 25 year old ZETA tonearm cable with SLCABLES superb SLC SILVER TONEARM CABLE.

If you have ever wondered what difference a new cable from the end of your tonearm to the phono input on your amp will make and will it be worth the time, trouble and money, well don't worry about it, it will be worth it !   - At least it was for me.

I'm a long standing LP addict , while still mainly using CD and other digital sources I invested in a good quality Turntable (Logic DM101 with electronic power supply), Arm (Zeta) and Cartridge (Dynavector DV17D2 II) over 25 years ago!

Vinyl addicts tweek and change everything, but apart form occasionally replacing the cartridge and a short trip to a LINN LP12 and back again the setup had changed little over the years. Then this year I saw some excellent prices for silver coated copper tonearm cable and I thought it was time to replace the thick and slightly tired Zeta original.

        This is where I have ended up with a top class cable custom made by Sandro from SLCABLES. The cable is built with top quality BNC connectors for my Naim kit and a very special tonearm din plug - which I had to source from WPI as the original had been long deleted. Sandro got me to send the pin to him and made sure I got the correct pin order - a great call - as again it turned out to be non-standard. He even emailed me pictures and descriptions of how to check the wires with a MultiMeter!

So whats the difference - much more than I expected - more detail, atmosphere and clarity. There really does seem to me more focus and space around vocals and background instruments. I had to rebuild the turntable to replace the old cable and do a little tweaking of the arms VTA to get the balance the way I wanted - but I had not expected as big an upgrade without rewiring the tonearm itself - maybe that is something for the future!  

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