SMP4Bike saddles - science making cycling comfier

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According to the smpsaddle website:

The SelleSMP SMP4Bike saddle was born out of extensive ergonomic studies of high mileage cyclists and the way they interact with the bicycle saddle on long rides.  When you sit on an SMP4Bike saddle, your weight is distributed between the buttocks and the lower part of the pelvic bones (ischial tuberosities).

No more squashing..

All SMP4Bike saddles share key patented characteristics that contribute to making the saddle more comfortable in all riding positions.  The channel offers comfort in more riding positions than a simple hole.  The Beak of the SMP4Bike saddle nose is designed to supply a flat base for those periods of intense effort that cause you to slide forward on the saddle, especially sitting for long climbs.  Its also excellent for descents, enabling better thigh control of your bike.  It also makes it easier to move onto and out of the saddle from the front - when standing for a sudden effort for instance.

The Central Channel also allows a continuous flow of air to pass through, keping the whole area cooler and is large and runs the length of the saddle.  It prevents crushing -  of the anus, prostate, venae pudendae, deep dorsal vein and artery of the penis, scrotum and testicles in men and the labia majora, minora and the clitoris in women - in more sitting positions than many saddles that just have a hole, not a channel.

The rear depression of the SMP4Bike saddle prevents squashing of the Coccyx - even on rough ground - and makes it easier to move onto and out of the saddle from the rear when conditions require it - when hanging off the back on a technical off road descent for example.

There is also an extract from a scientific journal called the Journal of Sexual Medicine that proclaims the SMP4Bike saddle as the most suitable for long distance cyclists.

What that means, in my view as a cyclist and seller of these saddles, is that the saddles should be comfortable.

They are:  I use a TRK Man on my turbo trainer bike, a Pro on my commuting bike and MTB and an Evolution of my road bike.  In 25 years of cycling I can honestly say that these are the most comfortable saddles I have ever tried.  So much so that I don't feel any need to look at any other variety.  More than that, its one of the few items of cycling kit that I have recommended to anyone and I do so whole heartedly.
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