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NEO GEO NGH (a.k.a. AES) and MVS

To start with unlike other systems the neo geo is totally region free, on both their arcade system (mvs) and home system (ngh), which makes them both both highly collectable as retro systems.

Here is the differences that do appear region wise :-

Japanese full blood and character movement (uncensored).
In other regions like u.k./ europe or u.s. the movement is restricted on some of the busty lady characters in games (less bouncy).
The blood in other regions is replaced by what looks like sweat?

Also the usual diferences apply with this system as they do on others, in that NTSC games run nearly 20% faster and in full screen, where as pal they are slower and in a letterbox format (like a widescreen dvd, when film has black bars top n bottom).


NGH is most commonly refered to as the AES, it is the home version of the mvs arcade, originally released as a rental system, but then by popular demand SNK decided to release the system as a home console (a risky decision at the time, as the cost of making the parts for the home machine was high, even though they were making some of the same parts for the arcade (chips, some chips had extra programming applied to them for the home version) pcb's were made different as well as the shell's, and even the hardware was slightly different too, the mvs outputs a pure rgb signal, that was slightly altered for the home version so it could output an av signal as well as an rgb signal, sound as far as know is exactly the same, as is graphics.

There is a diference in opion as to which NGH console to get :-
Early consoles (older models) had a superior video output.
Newer consoles are highly likely to have been used less, and thus in better condition through-out (system usuage, packaging and cosmetic condition of the hardware are likely to be in better shape).

A step down converter is usualy advised for the systems from other regions than you are from. however the psu from your region should work perfectly enough, as long as it is the right psu for that model, (the psu's have pro pow 1, 2 or 3 on them and you want it too match what it says on the base of the console (the only way that wont work is if the board inside has been changed too 1 from a different region (that can be checked though if you have some electrical knowledge)). also there are 3rd party psu's that will work as well, .

For best connection :- an rgb scart with stereo link jack (cable with plug, like on a set of headphones from a walkman).

MVS :-
to be able to use an MVS system you will need to buy the following :-
an mvs motherboard.
a jamma supergun.
atx psu or arcade psu (atx are commonly found in pc's (its been recommended that a wattage range anywhere from 200-600w, (personally think 5-600 is excessive, 250-350w should be enough))
scart cable (wired for rgb).
controllers (most common are neo geo, there are superguns with other types like megadrive or saturn).
a set of passive speakers (depending on supergun (top end quality/professionally made 1s are usually wired direct through scart (if the speakers on your tv blow, then that supergun was neither top quality nor proffessionally made).

The MVS has its advantages and disadvantages as far as collecting compared with the NGH :-
Most obvious advantage is price, while the diference in hardware as a whole (seen as you will need to purchase all of the above list for mvs)  can be pretty much none, when replacing parts the mvs can possibly be cheaper to maintain?.

The main price diference is in the games, while the cheaper and more affordable games on both systems are more worth having on the ngh, alot of the more expensive games on the ngh can be found at a cheaper price on the mvs.

There is a disadvantage between the 2 as far as quality though, Aes games are more neatly presented, where as mvs will be loose or in a carboard box, also Mvs games are more likely to be in a worn state of condition (inside parts) as they have had a much higher usuage than the ngh,  as the mvs would have been on pretty much constantly when in the arcade.

Another disadvantage is the set-up of the mvs, where as the ngh will be encased in a shell, the mvs will be loose with electrical components exposed.

Both systems can be modded,
The ngh :- mainly for improved output visually, and in having a universal bios fitted (on ngh, allows user to access and change the settings on the system, great for changing a european /(etc) machine to run like a japanese 1).

The mvs :- mainly for consolisation (turning the mvs hardware into its own console system), this may also have a universal bios fitted (mostly for a convient purpose though, as the settings on the system can be changed via the system itself (dip switches/settings).

Ngh universal adapter
There are various adapters which can be purchased which allow users to run mvs games on the ngh system (the reliability of these is something you would have to find out about, they are not cheap and thus may not be worthwhile?).

I would welcome any extra information which can be added to this write up,
For example if you know of how the 2 systems can thrive and or survive on the modern television sets being that they are high defiinition.
feel free to message.

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