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The snowtroopers, also known as cold assault stormtroopers, were an elite arctic-climate division of the Imperial stormtrooper infantry that was deployed under Death Squadron's Blizzard Force.

They wore customized armor well suited to the climate extremes of ice planets like Hoth, Rhen Var, and Toola. They wore white snow boots, white heated pants with pockets, and an insulating snow cape. Their utillity belts contained all of their tools and weapons, and their helmets had built-in polarized snow goggles.

The chest plate worn by the snowtroopers was constructed of a plastiod composite armor. Near the center were all of the controls for the completely self-sufficent troopers' life support systems. These included an external temperature monitor, power cell monitor, and the controls for the suit's heater. The troopers' backpacks housed the main heating unit, main power cell, communications unit, and a homing beacon. The pack also had the ability to work as a power source for other equipment.

Like standard stormtroopers, snowtroopers would wear a black two-piece temperature control body glove. Their armor consisted of eighteen pieces and included personal environment units as well as improved heating, and an exterior oversuit that was airtight. They wore breather hoods attached to their face plates.

The E-11 blaster rifle, SE-14r light repeating blaster pistol, two concussion grenades, and one frag grenade were all standard issue for a snowtrooper. Elite snowtroopers were given the DLT-20A blaster rifle as a replacement for the E-11, and two stun grenades. Snowtroopers commonly employed E-Web repeating blasters.

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