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item and user detail A surprisingly good player considering it's size dimensions. This one's a top loader instead of the usual front loading motorised compartment. It has some great search features such as on-screen picture select where instead of numbers, you can opt for sections of the disc by means of stills from the film or whatever you're watching. Another good facility is searching at fast of slow speed with sound, great for musical passages. It will play all your discs whether CD-r, DVD-r etc. etc. All the controls are situated on the remote control, so the only ones you can access on the unit itself is standby and play. As far as performance goes, I use a good quality scart lead from Prowire and the playback + sound is first rate from a low cost domestic machine. It's not Blackpool illuminations on the unit so it looks good and rather tastfull, especially its wedge shape slant and minimalist looks, would suit contemparary tastes on a budget. Worth looking out for!
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