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I just bought the - 2 GB MP3 PLAYER / VOICE RECORDER, from play . com, & I have got to say. This has to be one of the best, MP3 players Sony have done.

It dont come with any of that crappy sonic stage software, & thats because it doesn't need it.
Just plug it into your USB port, (I'm running Win XP home) & it's recognised as a removable drive.
Select the MP3's you want on your player, and drag them straight onto the drive.
I made a new folder called, "My Music" & copied 11 CD's of MP3 files into that folder.
11 CD's didn't even fill it half way, leaving me with 1.05 GB of free space.

Although I haven't tried it, the voice recorder will record 22 Hrs continuously. In high quality.

I really cant see the point in getting a MP3 player, any bigger then the 2GB model here. It really does hold enough music to keep you going for ages.

At £17.99 Including delivery from play . com, I'm well happy with it.




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