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You see and hear about all of the fraudsters using ebay as a quick way to con unsuspecting people out of their hard earned cash.  Just follow the following tips to succesful ebaying:

1.  Feedback.  Always check feedback on a potential seller.  Things to look out for are ebayers with feedback from people with very low or no feedback rating themselves.
2.  Hijacked accounts.  Lots of ebay accounts from power sellers get hijacked.  The easiest way to spot a hijacked account is in the description.  They will invariably ask you to email them on a different email account than the one registered with ebay.  This new email will usually be specified in the item description.  Avoid at all costs.  This is guaranteed as a con.
3.  Super Bargains.  Bargains are there to be found on ebay but remember if it is too good to be true then it invariably is a con.  You might see an item with a buy it now tag that is much much cheaper than you expected.  Avoid at all costs since you may not get the item or it may be a fake or low quality.
4.  Private auctions.  There are often items that are private for good reason - such as embarassing items.  If the item doesn't need a private auction then invariably it will be because the seller doesn't have the item or they want to increase the price exponentially without you spotting it.  The other bidders may be fake.
5.  Postal Price.  Always check the postal price and the insurance costs for delivery.  Often super bargains have super inflated delivery costs that make them anything but a bargain.
6.  Location Location Location.  Always check the location.  Often items in the far east are fake or expensive to deliver.  You may have a long wait too.  DVD's are invariably fake even though they may look good in the picture.
7.  Emailed out of the blue...  Never ever reply to emails from other ebayers out of the blue if you aren't the buyer or seller for the item they refer to.  They may pretend to be angry or anxious over a recent purchase.  This is a con.  They are directing you to a fake ebay site that will require you to log in.  It will then redirect you to the real ebay and log in automatically for you.  They have your user account and password and WILL use it to sell fake items using your great feedback to get victims.
8.  Above all trust your own judgement.  Never buy something you are unsure about.  Make sure you are happy with the feedback and the price.  Check the internet for price comparisons.
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