SPOTTING A SHILL BIDDER no one wants to be ripped off

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SPOTTING A SHILL BIDDER help each other & ebay out! no one wants to be ripped off

I have recently bought and sold to 2 members mrnibbles07 and harley154 (aka, ja7860 and dallas154) who I have found out just through watching their accounts that they have been shill bidding (bidding on their own items using another account) on their own items to get a higher price from unbeknown buyers.

On reporting these 2/4 members to ebay they were all suspended for a period of two weeks, after that period 3 of the accounts were reinstated.


Before you buy or sell, and if you suspect someone of shill bidding, take a few moments to check out your buyers and sellers by doing the following.

1. Check their feedback carefully, if they receive a negative f/back from someone and then a positive that is always from the same person afterwards, the positives are very likely to be the shill bidder (themselves).

2. Check the ebayers history of buying & selling, if they were unsuccessful when selling their item and the auction ended with them winning the item, they will probably re-list it again with exactly the same picture and descriptions.

3. Be careful of second chance offers (some of course are genuine), always ask the seller why the transaction was not completed with the high bidder.

I could list more ways to investigate people, but I could go on for ages and it’s only because I have a very suspicious mind!!!

If you suspect some one of shill bidding, report them to ebay, they have technical ways of finding out if they are (it does not involve the addresses users put in). If you are right them they will be suspended.

Personally I feel that ebay could support genuine sellers and buyers by doing the following:

1. Permanantly striking off these people, they should not be allowed to trade on ebay as they a breaching ebay policies and ebays own belief which they advertise with that “Every one is good”

2. The positive feedback that the shill bidders left on their own accounts should not remain, this surly is not right as they are dealing with themselves. Ebay should grey it it out and say underneath why it has been removed

The more we help each other the safer ebay becomes for everyone and ebay may start to take these crimes a little more seriously.

Take a little time to check buyers & sellers out, after all no one wants to be ripped off.

And remember if a seller wants a certain price on an item, then it is up to them to place a higher start price or a reserve price on it

All we genuine ebayers want is a safe place to buy and sell.

Happy ebaying

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