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These trainers retail at around £84.99, they can be sold for around £60 - £65 plus postage. Any Air Max trainers you buy for under £50 on ebay (this accounts for 99% of the market) are fake - SIMPLE AS. You need not look at photos etc trying to determine whether they are or are not, the answer is in the price. 100% genuine Nikes cannot be sold at this price REGARDLESS. What I see is that these sellers have glowing feedback and 90 odd % of the buyers are happy to be RIPPED OFF because they have got a pair of  fakes/copies for half the price of the RRP (In their head they have a BARGAIN). If you think you have a bargain you need your head looked at as you have been SCAMMED and CONNED by buying trainers made from inferior quality material from China that is worth a fraction what you paid for them. Remember the saying  "If something seems to be too good to be true the chances are it probably is" As for ebay and their rules on counterfeit goods being sold on here, well thats a joke END OF, there are no rules when it comes to making money from selling fees. (NORTH FACE. UGGS, NIKES, Gillette Razor Blades, THE LIST IS ENDLESS)
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