SPV M600 - Beware of scammers!

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As a fairly new user of ebay I had only sold a couple of things up to the point of putting the afore mentioned phone onto ebay as an unwanted upgrade.

I answered a number of questions, mostly turning down offers of cash payment and collection to see the auction run its full term and along way have witnessed something alarming. It has been picked up before, but it seems NIGERIAN SCAMMERS are having abit of a field day, particularly on at least 2 auctions on the SPV M600 handset.

They usually enter the bidding within the last half hour and steam in with strangely high bids - at least 2 of them competing. These idiots raised the price on one occation from a respectable 230-260 to over £600.

What's the point? Everyone can see (hopefully) that they have rubbish feedback, new profiles and are obviously working in small groups so all they do is end up annoying bidders and sellers alike when the bidder gets outbid by something wholely unrealistic and the seller has to put the item back online.

So, i'd advise you to sit in on your bid as it ends and get ready to dump anyone who does not adhere to your conditions and/or has 0 or - feedback and has a penchant for bidding massively inflated prices.

Until ebay address this issue, the seller seems to lose out through having to relist the itewhile these idiots get to browse around bugging everyone else - surely there's a way to get their ISP address and bar the blighters.

My 2 pence! 

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