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Avoid being the target of unwanted wireless peeping or tapping to protect your privacy or information from being disclosed secretly. This new High Frequency Detector can detect wireless digital and analog signals up to 6 GHz. Stop disturbance of cellular phone communication within desired control area.

Wireless signals used in hidden spy cameras and other wireless eavesdropping surveillance equipment can now be detected. Now you can scan for high range hidden wireless signals that may be present in your home or office. Keep you business and family matters safe from unwanted viewers or listeners.

High Frequency Detector has 3 LED's. When a cellular phone or peeping camera is detected, the LED will light from level 1 to level 2 to level 3, and the beeping sound will change from slow to rapid indicating the strength of the detected signal.

The High Frequency Detector has VIBRATION warning mode, just set the switch to silent. Silently scanning your environment will allow you to discreetly scan without your eavesdroppers knowing. A great tool for helping you to provide disinformation to your eavesdroppers. Use the included earphone to detect discreetly.

Specifically Designed For Easy Use, Which Does Not Require Complicated Installation or Any Professional Knowledge.

Hospitals, Medical Centers or Intensive Care Units That Forbid Cellular Usage.

Office, Factory, Cinemas, Theaters, Concerts, Museums or Art Galleries That Forbid Video Body Bugs.

Military or Government Premises That Cellular or Wireless Camera Recording Is Forbidden.

Offices, Restaurants or Any Commercial Premises That Would Like To Shun Away Cellular or RF Disturbances.

Find The Best Signal Location For Wireless CCTV Placement.

Detect Peeping Cameras In Shopping Mall Toilets, School Toilets, Locker Rooms and Fitting Booths, Club House and Hotel Rooms etc.

This detecter will detect signals in the ranges 50mhz-6ghz! That's microwave frequencies my friends!

This unique high frequency scanner is used to detect peeping cameras, tapping, cellular phones and other radio frequency devices that may be hidden in your home or office.

I paid 59.99 for mine on ebay! They can retail for up to £200 but are comparable in functionality & detection capabilities to £500+ units! ... A small price to pay for your privacy!
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