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Application steps for home users.



Massage onto wet skin using circular movements, concentrating on elbows knees and feet to prepare the skin prior to self-tanning.  Rinse well. 



Pretreat all dry areas (ie. hairline, elbows, hands, knees, ankles, and feet) with st tropez body moisturizer before using any st tropez self-tanners

Use with st tropez Auto Bronzant Lotion to custom blend your desired shade of tan. 


Step 3:  St Tropez is famous for the wonderful results produced by step3 and for the ease of application of the product, making it simple to use in the salon ans easy to use at home.  The key features of the st tropez spep 3 family are:

The products all contain aloe-vera to nourish the skin rather than dry it.

None of the self-tanning products have an unpleasant aroma.

All Step 3 products have a tinted guide colour.

St Tropez never turns the skin orange.

Start application at the feet; work your way up the body.  Apply to one part of the body at a time; Use self tan remover on palms of hands or wash with soapy water and a scrub brush.  Lastly,apply moisturizer to the hands apply a small amount of self tan to the top of the hands use the tips of your fingers and not the palms of your hands.  Colour will intensify in 3 hours.  Next morning shower to rinse off excess product.  This will eliminate the product from rubbing on clothing throughout the day.  Moisturize to maintain your tan and reapply for a deeper tan but do not repeat step one only follow on fron step 3.

Maintain your tan by moisturizing every day and you can use the st tropez everyday moisurizer which gives a gradual tan and will top up colour as it fades in between your self tan applications.

I always use the everyday moisturizer and i find this product fantastic as the colour is gradual so its perfect for my face and has apleasing aroma. 

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