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The birth of the postage stamp dates back to May 6, 1840, when Britain issued its first stamp, the "Penny Black." But, how did people receive mail before this time, and what led to the idea of using stamps?
Like money a cheque the purpose of it was to avoid monies being stolen by theives and looters, same with the stamp the value of the stamp and services have changed. 

In the early days of the postal service, stamps and envelopes did not exist like we have today.. the envelopes were not used because they were considered to be an additional sheet of paper which cost more to send.<br>
 When you wanted to send a letter you would fold it up and seal it shut with a wax stamp seal.., and the person who received the letter had to pay for the delivery costs.<br>
. In fact, many people developed secret codes by which they could start their own messenger service. They would place secret marks on the outside of the letter that conveyed their message and all the addressee had to do was read the secret message, refuse to accept the letter, and thus not have to pay for it. Mainly for this reason, postal services turned to a means of prepaying postage and to avoid confusion on services.
Stamps uk tender only can be used to buy items...this is not recognized, but can be allowed with acceptance.

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