STARS!!?? how usefull ARE the seller rating stars?

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how effective ARE detailed stars??

the stars are set unfairly (i think) to get more than a 4 star your the listing has to be more than accurate the buyer has to be more than satified the item has to arrive more than quickly the postage has to be more than reasonable, does anyone else find that to in fact be conpleate NONsence? to then say that action will be taken against those with 3.9 or less is also a NONsence?? Ebay will only take action against those whos postage is only 0.1 down on reasonable.

how about Ebay lists postage rates or ranges that are acceptable? based on REAL exspences, bearing in mind that a kilo via second class is £2.30 plus a jippy bag or padded envelope and a few pennys petrol how do seller contine to get away with charging (for example) £2.50 to send a childs sweatshirt, personally i now chose to ONLY buy from sellers with HONEST postage!

perhaps if we ALL took this standpoint???....hhhmmmm i charge ONLY what i am actually charged i e royal mail plus jiffy bag in most cases and yet i'm 4.6 however unlike some i know why this is, i've found that if the buyer opts for recorded and then is disappointed in any way they penalise on the postage star as well as the discription,

i have sent these thoughts direct to star suggestions, i wonder if i'll get a reply? (sigh)

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