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  1. If you look for these simple things its easy to spot a fake: there is nearly always a made in italy tag near the stone island tag
  2. the stone island tag should have a code on it which represents what the item is, sometimes though the numbers can be false as different numbers represent different items ,i dont know too much about this but there is another guide that informs you well about it.
  3. a stone island badge should have no colours around the edges,it should be all black, unless its pre 2000 in which case it will have a green lining around the edge, the badge should always be on the left sleeve.
  4. fakes are usually on crap photos, a real top will usually have pictures of all the tags in detail and the price will be fairly high, unless its used your not gonna be able to buy an s.i top for pennys when they retail at hundreds of pounds.
  5. A real s.i top will always have a sportswear(spa)tag on the inside with washing instructions and the seller will try his/her best to show it.
  6. fakes are nearly always on buy it now,dont be tricked by good feedback, people dont usually leave bad feedback in fear of getting it themselves off the fakesters .

i hope you find this useful,please give your opinion.



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