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One of the best DVD's I've seen for some time.It stars Ralph Fiennes,Angela Bassett,Vincent D'Onofrio{Law & Order T.V.Series} Tom Sizemore{Jail Break} & Juliette Lewis,the film was directed by Kathryn Bigelow & produced by James Cameron.The story centres around Fiennes character who sells a new type of electronic gadget on the head that enables the wearer to record on a small Disc what they're seeing and doing through their eyes.The Disc can then be replayed at any time later on another small gadget/machine that enables whoever wears it,to see what the first person wearing the gadget has done,or is doing.

Murders,beatings,rapes,etc.are the norm as the film moves from one great character to the next,seemingly never-ending and the end result is this terrific film.Just when you think you can guess what's next?~it goes at another angle.The film has everything you need for a great movie,chases,murders,bad cosp,good cops{thin on the ground!!} and many more movie stunts.

Don't miss this one.

The time it covers is the last day of 1999~New Years Eve into the new millenium.D'onofrio & Sizemore are evil but excellent as the bad cops,murders in reality,and Angela Bassett is a bodyguard/driver for her many clients and a close friend of Fiennes.A welcome surprise is Juliette Lewis as a Hard Rock Vocalist in a heavy Band,she was the love interest for Fiennes and she sounds great with the Vocals,and the music is from Graeme Revell.I was highly entertained by this film and whoever it was that did the casting for this one did a brilliant job with these Actors.

The 5-Stars for this Film are very well warranted and it's a 'must see' thriller for all Movie lovers.


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