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What a pleasure it’s been to test ride the STRIDER BALANCE BIKE

Christopher loves it! He is 2 ½ but definitely feels like a “big boy” on his “big boy” bike!

The day his bike arrived, he couldn’t wait to get it out of the box. I was so surprised that the box and bike together weighed less than 10 lbs. The bike came in his favorite color, BLUE. Assembly was very simple (I barely glanced at the directions at all) and using the spanner Strider included, the bike was ready to go in less than 5 minutes. Right away, CJ hopped on his bike and started scooting around the house. He used his feet to push the bike forward and slowly found a rhythm to move ahead.

The Strider’s seat height is adjustable from 11” to 16” high. This is a tiny little bike made to accommodate tiny little riders. It’s designed for children ages 1 ½ – 5. The Strider doesn’t have any pedals because most children in these young years aren’t able to coordinate the peddling motion. The bike is designed to be scooted on and propelled by pushing the feet on the ground. Eventually, little riders will ideally be able to glide on their Striders, lifting their feet and resting them on rest pads, comfortably located where peddles would normally be. The idea is that young riders, although unable to peddle, will learn how to balance on this tiny two-wheeler without ever having to use training wheels. When CJs bike arrived, I assumed that he wouldn’t master gliding and balancing on the Strider for a few more years. I was wrong.

For the first few days, CJ wanted his bike to go everywhere he did. This new bike was definitely his new favourite toy! He even insisted that his Strider be parked in his room when he went to bed. Being such a little bicycle, it was easy to accommodate his request. Indoors and out, he wanted to travel everywhere on his Strider!

When he was outside, CJ continued to push himself around with his feet and soon found a swift rhythm, accelerating his bike to a speed similar to a speed achieved by peddling. He continued to keep his feet on the ground or very near the ground for balance. The Strider has thick non-pop tires, which also give added stability to this bike. CJ definitely took some spills but not nearly as many as I would have expected. The handlebars are thick as well, and very maneuverable. They make big turns in either direction, which again, increases stability and helps avoid falls that come from sharp turns.

Over the next week, Christopher continued to increase his speed and his love for his new bike continued to grow. Every time he went outside he wanted to ride his Strider. Still, I was very skeptical that he would learn to glide and balance on the two wheels, no matter how stable the Strider was.

About ten days after receiving the Strider, CJ was riding it in the driveway. He got up some good speed and suddenly he lifted his feet! He balanced and glided for about six feet! I couldn’t believe it! My tiny two year old was balancing on a two-wheeler! Since then, he’s been all about going faster and further on his new bike! He can now glide for about 10-12 feet, pushing and resting his little shoes on the resting pads. It’s quite a sight to see! The other day a woman walked by and asked in a shocked voice, “Is he riding on a two-wheeler?!”

The Strider is a fantastic bike and it really works! It meets children right at their level, giving them the opportunity to ride a “big kid bike” without requiring them to peddle. It’s been a very fun and rewarding experience to see Christopher gain confidence and ability on his Strider. I would recommend a Strider to any family looking to give their toddler/preschooler a very fun and enabling cycling experience!

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